VW Nivus Crossover, a Skoda’s version digitally conceptualized!

All the car fanatics and addicts would be enraptured and electrified on gleaning this resplendent news! The news is that Volkswagen has finally uncloaked the keenly anticipated Nivus crossover, which will be launched at the end of June 2020 in Brazil. The new teaser image of the VW Nivus has been uncloaked and exhibited before the urban crossover’s introduction in Europe and Brazil. The new model is delineated and forged on the VW group’s MQB AO platform. The crossover underprops the T Cross, Virtus Sedan and New Polo. The crossover features a distinctive and quirky design with Coupe like profile.


The Global Kamiq SUV of Skoda has also been fabricated on the MQB AO platform. In addition to this, the next-generation Fabia is also conjectured to blossom and prosper on the same platform. Thus, it can be prognosticated that the Skoda could have Nivus like crossover Coupe in the coming times.

This new model has huge changes in the front design and has more characteristics of Skoda. It is analogous to that of the Kamiq crossover. A new Skoda’s signature “butterfly grille” is featured on it. It also highlights sleeker LED headlamps along with daytime running lights. The lower bumper is wholly different with full air inlet and silver skid plate at the bottom. The outline, as well as the positioning of the fog lamp, has also been altered.


The rear profile looks entirely the same, except for the lettering of Skoda on the black strip connecting the tail lamps. Another alteration is the newly outlined machined cut alloys. But, it is pure vaticination because Skoda has not made any official announcement yet. The crossover Coupe has luggage carrying capacity of 415 litres, which is 42 litres more than the T- Cross. Thus, until the instigating of the model, we can only say about its attributes and facets based on past trends.

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