What are Some Disadvantages to Owning a Tesla Electric Car?

Tesla is an American all-electric car manufacturer which was started by Elon Musk in 2003. The company has been growing since the past decade at a rapid speed and there seems to be no stopping.

The company’s first car, the Tesla Roadster, was introduced in 2008 to showcase the capabilities of an all-electric car.

From then the company has introduced several electric cars across the globe such as the Model S sedan, Model X SUV, the Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Model S etc.


Following are the disadvantages of owning a Tesla electric car:

Charging of the car:

While taking the car to trips, it becomes very inconvenient to stop and charge the car at regular intervals. In every 500 miles, the car needs to be charged.

While road tripping, we already stop for a bio break, food, coffee and stopping again for charging the car just adds on the duration of the journey. For road-tripping or long distances, Tesla is not a very good option.


Regular plugging and unplugging:

Every time the user would start the car or stop it, it will take a minimum of 30-40 seconds. The start of the car is not very smooth.

There are times when the car even takes longer to start or finally switch off. This shows that the quality of the engine is a little poor or slow in case of Tesla as the pickup time is slow.


High Maintenance:

The outside body of Tesla has a coating which helps in making the car-free from dust and rust and gives it a new look.

However, Tesla is a high maintenance car and does require regular servicing which adds up to the overall after the cost of the car.

With the same price, one can always buy other models or brands which have a lower maintenance cost as well as fewer efforts need to be put in to maintain the car.


Lack of supercharging stations:

A city, state or a country which lacks a supercharge station cannot accommodate Tesla. Hence, the car can’t be used everywhere and can’t be driven anywhere.

It is very selective and it all depends on the availability of the supercharge station in the particular area. During the way, if a supercharge station is missed by mistake, it can lead to added time and cost. Moreover, the car will not function without energy.

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