Yamaha Unveils the Notable Details of 2020 Yamaha MT-15 BS-VI!

Yamaha India has finally come up with a brand-new BS-VI compliant version associated with the MT-15 streetfighter motorcycle. The company has declared its information publicly but the vehicle is not yet set for sale. It will be available for being sold in the Indian marketplace during February 2020.


In this new motorcycle, the people will get to witness a changed colour scheme along with an updated BS6 engine. The colour scheme is none other than the Ice Fluo Vermillion. The price of 2020 Yamaha MT 15 has not been declared till now, but as expected it would go slightly higher.

155cc single-cylinder as well as the liquid-cooled engine would be prevalent in 2020 Yamaha MT-15 BS-VI. Other than this, the 2020 Yamaha MT 15 hails with an ability of producing 18.3bhp and 14.1 Nm. However, as noted, other mechanicals except engine are similar to the other prominent model on sale presently.


During the event when this motorcycle would stay available in the market, this color scheme would be prevalent in the varied options. As per some sources, Yamaha is intending to introduce other top-notch bikes better than other models in the marketplace. People have started looking forward to these models way too eagerly!

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