How Expensive Is It to Maintain a Mercedes-Benz in India?

Mercedes Benz

Expensive, this word means different for different people in India and it not about owning something. Expensiveness comes in maintaining something to keep it working throughout the year or so.

Cartechnewz sees the difference of expensive and is giving the specifications of maintaining a Mercedes-Benz in India with expert opinions and approx. prices of repair and even changing the Benz’s parts.


The gross income of every household in India varies, and it is quite unforeseen to see who can own a Mercedes-Benz or not. When it comes to the maintenance of such a luxury car, it is costly, and it is expensive because even the specified mechanics earned their skills by spending lakhs on the learning parts of repairing the luxurious over the Indian roads.

The approx. cost for change of oil filter and engine fluids of Benz is 25 Rs – 30 Rs. And, there are other repairs which cost different. For example, Cabin AC microfilter change is 4000 Rs , and gear transmission oil change is 7000 Rs. And, in case, your transmission system seen the failure mode, you are spending around 7-10 lakhs. That’s expensive, is not it?

The above is just the glimpse of expensive on maintaining the Benz. Well, there are things, which should see your considerable eyes. Unlike other cars on the roads, luxurious automakers provide the repair services on kilometers. That is like you are using it, so you are getting the service of it.


Below is the approx. prices sheet, which is on the latest acquired data on Benz’s repair in Mercedes repair center:
•Rear Tail Light (Each side) 30000- 35000 Rs.
•Alloy Wheel Set (16 Inch – 17 Inch) 1.2 – 1.5 Lakhs
•Fuel Injectors Replacement (Set) 1.2 – 1.5 Lakhs
•Fuel Assembly (Pump + Injectors + Fuel Unit + Distributor) 3 – 4 Lakhs
•AC Condenser + Water Cooler + Blower Replacement (if unrepairable) 1.5 Lakh
•AC Radiator Grill (Replacement) 70000 Rs
•Windshield Replacement (if unrepairable) 35000- 50000 Rs

Now, the company offers free service of almost three years on each purchase with a basic replacement cost-saving service module.
To begin the point of expensive, the Benz does not need service or repairs most of the running time, but the suggested service is once a year, which may cost around 25-30 k/year on purchasing of the yearly service package.


Back the question, how expensive to maintain a Benz, well, maintaining a Benz is not expensive, yet it is quite circumstantial.

Excluding the general service, the replacement and repairing costs in the expensive slab. Or you may take it to some legendary mechanics in the city you drive the Benz to save some of the thousands with repair and replacements. There are always ways to repair the damage. And, it is a car, which is a luxury.

Otherwise, Mercedes if maintained like a baby, never goes out of action. Yes, be sure to take it to a knowledgeable mechanic to even save time and money. A single miss in service can cost an owner about 1 lakh without a blink.

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