Land Rover Exploring Aerospace Tech to Bring in Light weight Vehicles in Future!

Jaguar Land Rover is actively participating in a rather unique and one-of-a-kind research trials. The company is aiming to test the capabilities of high-end, latest lightweight metals and composites that can be put to use for vehicles of the future.


This is going to be a two-year project. During this phase, the company will be utilising aerospace technology in order to gain deeper insights into the response of materials to corrosive environments. The test will include rigorous terrains as well as global market.

All the samples of metal composites meant for Jaguar, and Land Rover will be designed as per the aerospace-grade sensors. These automobiles will cover almost 4,00,000 km of the distance across North America and go through extreme physical conditions.

The job of the sensors is to measure the performance of the data related to material share with the Jaguar Land Rover team in the UK. This highly valued information will help the experienced engineers of the product development team to come up with forecasts regarding the behaviour of the material for future vehicle programmes development.

The engineers will also confirm whether or not; the lightweight, next-generation materials are capable of meeting the strict standard requirements of the company and deliver a durable, premium finish quality.


This research is a part of the highly renowned GDA consortium. The major aim of this research is to bring down the weight of these cars as much as 60%.

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