Maruti Suzuki Fast Charging Electric Wagon R hits market soon. Expected Price Rs. 7 Lakhs – Rs. 10 Lakhs

Maruti Suzuki’s electric vehicle – the WagonR EV is set to touch the roads in 2020 and with a sticker price around Rs 7 lakh. Curiously, the cost would cover specific sponsorships presented for electric and hybrid vehicles under the plan, FAME, which was launched in India and its Phase II would be in power in a few days.


Cartechnewz, today, taking the Wagon R EV in the spotlight and observing the expectations, cost, specifications, and acceptable factor in India.

As observed by our sources, the on-road cost would be around 7.5 lakh and given the present situations. Since FAME, Phase II is here as the government planned, the costs could see a reduction when dispatching it. The Maruti Suzuki Wagon R EV could get subsidiary of about Rs 1.24– 1.38 lakh, which obviously, could change if FAME 2 is taking its course correctly.

Wagon R EV: Preview
The cut in expenses of practically 25% alongside the limit of one-charge-scope of running beyond what 200 km could launch electric vehicles. And, this charging capacity potentially would set the standard for all the newer EVs to be later presented in India.


At first, there were speculations about the Maruti Suzuki WagonR EV to cost probably going to be around Rs 10 lakh or more. But, it does not seem like that anymore.

Wagon R EV: Facts
It is indistinct whether the vehicle will have fast charge capacities, which could charge the battery to 80 percent in around 40 minutes through the new DC fast chargers. Everything is relied upon to be introduced around the country, soon.

The new all-electric Maruti Suzuki Wagon R would face some semblance to the Mahindra e2o since the e2o will be launched too soon. The Wagon R EV could be one of the main reasons for the electric vehicles in India at the season of dispatching the segment of cars.

Wagon R EV: Interior and Exterior
The new Maruti Suzuki Wagon R EV is in expectations to be roomy and could have diverse styling when contrasted with the standard petrol fueled variation. Maruti Suzuki is broadly testing the electric Wagon R around the country that the autos are not marked all things considered.


The Wagon R EV may come stuffed with the most recent infotainment bundle, for example, touchscreen infotainment with the refreshed UI and mobile availability alternatives like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Wagon R EV: Specifications
There are intriguing double style headlamps. Generally speaking, the vehicle’s structure is significantly boxier and average than the current-age Wagon R.

Moreover, it is in expectations that the electric Wagon R will use Lithium-ion battery unit, for which the battery technology has been placed as a team with Toyota and Toshiba.

As indicated, the oil-controlled Wagon R and electric Wagon R will be launched soon in the country. It is to conclude the way that the two autos are not quite the same as one another with regards to the outside.


Cartechnewz observes that the electric car, which was the favorite of the people in petrol may win sells with electric power.

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