Mercedes Benz India Suspended the production and Work Due to COVID-19 Pandemi !

The deadly effects of Coronavirus have effected extensively in the loss of numerous companies. Most of the companies have received a significant loss, and if the virus does not stop invading, it will be tough to recover all of the expenses incurred. Mercedes Benz India has also joined the listed companies who have shut down the plants till 31st March because of the Corona outbreak.


However, the suspension will be extended as the Government recently declared that there would be lockdown for 21 days in the whole country to defend Coronavirus. Mercedes Benz India has suspended all of the work at the Chakan plant and delayed the work till 31st March. Mercedes Benz India has also taken significant steps in the dealerships regarding the maintenance of hygiene.

The Company has evaluated the situation and its future impacts and taken all the required steps and measures Accordingly. The Company has issued a statement regarding the Corona outbreak. The situation is getting worse, and the Company has suspended the production at its manufacturing facilities, which is located in Chakan and departments of administration.


The requirement of shutting the facilities and plants was also told by the SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers. SIAM has recommended automobile companies to shut down the plants and showrooms as soon as possible to help the country in breaking the chain of Coronavirus.

The Company has also stated that the safety of their customers and employees is the priority of the Company. In order to break the chain of this lethal virus can lead to an extensive number of deaths. Not only the Mercedes Benz India, all of the automobile industry been imposed to shut down the production houses.

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