Tata Harrier Camo Edition Rendered!!

tata camo

It has ultimately become a tendency for many big car companies to design special editions for their leading car models. Tata Motors is one of those companies. It has come with two of the special editions in the Tata Harrier, which are- Dark and Camo versions. Talking about the Harrier- dark edition offered by the Tata motors is a black shaded harrier. Not only from the outside, but the interiors all maintain the black colour that comprises- dashboard, leather seats, rear and back doors, steering wheel, etc.


Moving towards the Camo edition, it is not very much convinced that its looks and qualities would be. There are no such literal facts about the special edition. The new Tata Harrier Camo edition is most likely to come with an exciting off-road kit. If we talk about its look, a digital rendering has given a preview about the new edition that it would be having a military olive shaded coating that would be a rough glimpse. The new Harrier is looking superb and unique because of its sturdy military look. The unique version design illustrates a dark roof with roof support including spotlights, secondary lights under the windshield of the car, and enhanced customized wheels for maintaining a superior grip.

The new edition of the Tata motors- Camo is assumed an emerging deal as it could be the most reliable and appealing product for the corporation till now. Harrier has always been a premium and relied SUV of all time; even the design is quite similar to the range rover, which is also a luxury brand for many. The Tata motors always try to experiment on their vehicles. In the upcoming car models, they are also engaged in the petrol variant’s trial, which would comprise a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine.

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