Upcoming New 7 Seater Family Cars and SUVs in India

The 7 seater cars are known to be extremely spacious which serve as a perfect family car or sometimes as a perfect extended family car.

Although SUV’s have taken into the market recently, earlier it was these seven-seater cars which ruled the market.

No more do customers just look for spacing inside the car.


Rather they look for much more such as the style and the overall look of the car, how comfortable will the car be for children and elderly people.

An excessive amount of convenience has added to the overall popularity of the seven-seater cars and SUVs in India.

2018 was a successful year for the automobile industry with several new cars of seven-seaters and SUV’s coming up.

Here, we have curated a list of upcoming new 7 seater family cars and SUVs in India which will help you plan your next purchase:


1.Mahindra XUV400: Mahindra, a renowned automobile brand in India is planning to launch Mahindra XUV400 a seven-seater car in 2020.

This model will be Mahindra’s 4th model in the seven-seater series and 3rd model in the SUV category.

Although there is no official notification from the company’s side regarding the cost of the model, it is estimated to be anywhere between 11-16 Lakhs on road.


2.Jeep 7-seater SUV: Jeep which is an American based company has in recent times gained an excessive amount of popularity for its study models.

Jeep is currently working to launch 2 new models which are 1) a sub-4-meter EcoSport 2) 7-seater D segment SUV.

3.Toyota’s All-New Alphard MPV: Toyota Alphard MPV has already been launched in countries such as Japan, Thailand, Malaysia. Etc.

Toyota is all set to launch the premium MPV in India. The added features in the model will be a panoramic sunroof, leather material in the car and Sliding automated doors.


4.Tata H7X: Tata Motors since months have been working hard to finally lunch its harrier SUV in 7-swathers. Harrier is totally based on the application ‘Omega Platform’. The expected launch of this model is in 2021.

5.Mitsubishi Pajero Sport: Another Solid model which Mitsubishi is going to release soon is the Pajero Sport.

The car will be loaded with features such as chassis will be ladder framed, the bonnet of the high-set, Dynamic grille in the front. These overall features will be enhanced to give the car a more sporty look.

6.Hyundai Creta– Next Gen: Hyundai, which is a Korean company is all set to launch its new model Next-Gen- Hyundai Creta in the first half of 2020.

The model will be available in both 5 seater and 7 seater. Although the 7 seaters one will be far more spacious.


Read full review : Hyundai Creta

7.Renault RBC: Renault, which is a French company has been working on its 7 seater MPV. People have spotted MPV on the roads for testing.

Renault has made sure to make the MPV a little affordable to the customers and to give a tough competition to the other cars.

Hence, 2019 and 2020 are going to witness some amazing 7-seaters and SUVs in the market.

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