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What happens when a Volvo devotee feels confused between the companies most luxuries vehicles? Well, honestly, it feels a lot to think about because Volvo has a history of giving the world the best SUVs with luxury and comfort combined.

Today, cartechnewz, with a heavy heart, is taking the Volvo XC60 and XC90 on the comparison spotlight. That is to inform you that this comparison is not for the light spirit. So, read with caution on a funny tone.


XC60 and XC90: Introduction
Volvo manufactures vehicles of class and best without any exception. And knowing these two is a task worth taking up to. Both these vehicles share similarities, and it is a tough choice between them.

Volvo XC90 hybrid SUV can be credited for vaulting the automaker once more. The seating is for up to seven in perfectly rendered limits, and the XC90 can even cost not precisely the same as others for sure.

XC60 and XC90: Styling
The XC60 is eye-calming inside merits its own feature reel. It is flooded with driftwood trim or furnished in chic shades of dark, and the XC60 cockpit obliges the faculties without overpowering them.


XC60 and XC90: Performance
A turbocharged engine controls the Volvo XC90 with a blended module variation. The XC90 depends on a 2.0-liter turbo-4 and 8-speed automatic transmission. The XC60s is controlled by a 2.0-liter turbo-4 that makes 250 drive and 258 torque.

XC60 and XC90: The Comparable Details
XC60 and XC90 have the length (mm) of 4688 and 4950, width (mm) of 1902 and 2008 and height (mm) of 1658 and 1776, respectively.
XC60 and XC90 have the seating capacity of 5 and 7, respectively.

XC60 and XC90 have the displacement (cc) of 1969 and 1969, respectively.

XC60 and XC90 has max power (bhp@rpm) of 235 bhp @ 4250 rpm and 235 bhp @ 4250 rpm, respectively.


XC60 and XC90 have max torque (Nm@rpm) of 480 Nm @ 1750 rpm and 480 Nm @ 1750 rpm, respectively.

XC60 and XC90 have 8 Airbags and 6 Airbags, respectively.

XC60 and XC90 have front tires as 235 / 55 R19 and 275 / 45 R20, respectively.

XC60 and XC90 have rear tires as 235 / 55 R19 and 275 / 45 R20, respectively.

XC60 and XC90 have price of 50.90 and 70.90, respectively.

XC60 and XC90: Comfort and Quality
The Volvo XC90 is incredible. The XC60 is also unbelievable. The Swedish automaker makes customers feel the luxury and comfort at once, and they have not failed yet.


The XC90 focuses better for its front seats and fit. The XC60 urges passage with its inside that is sewed cowhide, genuine wood, and handmade controls that read with a beautiful blend of upscale old-world feeling.

XC60 and XC90: Verdict
cartechnewz feels that the Volvo gives the most secure vehicles out in the world and about today with an immaculate accident test score and standard dynamic safety highlights that is for class-driving.


Both the vehicles in the automaker’s family for the structure are the absolute most secure vehicles out for any time to count on. Crash-test scores define their safety for everyone in the car.

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