Audi showcases its electric vehicle at shanghai festival 2019

Straight from the Shangai Auto Expo 2019, reports are coming that Audi who have brought the AI: ME electric hatchback that is based on the recently innovated MEB platform.

Cartechnewz is following this story closely and getting the updates for our readers to inform of each feature and detail revealed.


Audi, a German automobile manufacturer, proposed that AI: ME offers innovative highlights for distance, stimulation, or just unwinding performance. The electric hatchback comes with the capacity to drive self-driven technology at level 4.

Audi still nagging to uncover the real range or charging capacity for the AI:ME. It says that vehicle is not intended to do fast expressway runs or to speed up. The AI:ME will be running between 20 kmph and 70 kmph, and the vehicle will be kept at best.

The headlamp and tail-lights are LED units, and the lodge inside is moderate as well to look.


The Audi AI:ME pursues the Audi Aicon and the Audi PB18 concepts which we are familiar from the exhibition in 2017 and 2018. Audi will grandstand a fourth-generation vehicle in September 2019 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Audi AI:ME is a 2 or more-seater. Its design depends on setups for seat positions and stowage space. While just the individual seats at the front will come in use around most adventures, the vehicle offers space for up to four individuals in the front and on the back seat.

The Audi AI:ME has a length of 4.30 meters and a width of 1.90 meters on a wheelbase of 2.77 meters and a height of 1.52 meters.


Audi adds that features of the vehicle are ideal for the city and the space inside the lodge can be used in various ways with better arrangements for seat and storage.
Cartechnewz is collecting more data on AI:ME from Audi and will be posting soon.

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