Elon musk proposed robo taxi for 2020

The news is spreading like a fire everywhere that Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared that robotaxis are coming from 2020 to take you to your destination.

Today, Cartechnewz is summing up the latest in the news about the Elon Musk’s comments about launching the Robotaxis in selected countries and India is one of them.


As it goes, Tesla will empower people to add their electric vehicles to its ride-sharing application, which will have a comparative plan of action to Uber or Airbnb. Tesla will take 25 percent to 30 percent of the income from those rides added by Musk.

Tesla Founder and CEO trusted that Robotaxis would return home and automatically park and energize themselves.

Tesla uncovered another Samsung-made microchip that, the organization stated, was being installed into each new vehicle.

Musk also added by keeping in mind 2020, Tesla’s self-driving system will improve to the point where drivers would not need to focus out and about.


Not surprisingly, he said that he would have more than one million Robotaxis out and in about a year, we would have over a million vehicles with full self-driving, programming and what not.

Tesla named Dallas and Los Angeles in the US as the two urban cities as the primary setup for the business of its taxi services by 2023 and is watchful to choose another city as its third wheel for now.

Musk feels sure of foreseeing that there will be self-driving robotaxis from Tesla one year from now and not everywhere as they won’t have services established all over the place. In spots or places where there are not sufficient individuals to share their vehicles, Tesla would give a committed fleet of robotaxis.


For the moment, Tesla has released the shortlisted names of countries to choose from: India, Japan, Australia, Brazil, and France to find the first Uber Air City outside of the States.

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