Biden Presidency and Automobile Advantages in India!!

Joe Biden, the Democrat Party leader, has finally been chosen as the 46th President of the United States of America. The whole world is looking towards this man with great hope and expectations regarding the restoration of truth and calm after the devastating tenure of Trump.

Obama, the former President of the US, has released an official statement, thereby testifying to the character of ex-vice president Biden. Obama has requested the Americans to give Biden a chance and rely on his immense capabilities.


Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has a glorious 50 years long career as the senator and vice president. His personal life is highly tragic. His first wife, first daughter and adult son Beau -all died in the year 2015. He himself survives two brain aneurysms. But he did not leave politics even after failing in two White House campaigns. All these tragedies have made him a man of reliance and decency.

How Biden’s presidency is going to impact India?

After Biden’s victory, it will be safe to assume that the India-US economic relations can get much better now. There is a very high probability of business growth between these two countries. For those Indians, who have been looking forward to obtaining green cards, this can be a golden opportunity, as more and more Indians are likely to get green cards now. Biden’s arrival will definitely improve the stature of the Indian IT sector.
Impact of Biden’s presidency on the automobile sector:

•Vehicle emissions: Biden is going to bring in strict fuel economy standards in order to safeguard the climatic conditions. He will be working on the fuel economy.

•EV: Biden will be investing $400 billion for manufacturing of electric vehicles, that would include clean energy and advanced battery technology. States and local officials will get ample support from the federal government regarding the same.


•Consumer incentives: Biden is coming up with consumer incentives so that sell of automobile increases.

•New jobs: He is also planning to bring in 1 million new job opportunities in the automobile sector.

All these changes and investment plans will definitely have a direct or indirect impact on the automobile industry of India. With Biden as the new President of the USA, let’s hope for a golden era to emerge for the automobile industry as a whole.

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