Ferrari India will Launch the 296 GTB in 2022!!

Ferrari India will launch the 296 GTB early next year. Although 296 GTB is not the first Ferrari to use a hybrid power train that uses both an internal combustion engine and electric motor, this is a first in many aspects. According to the Ferrari, it is the most fun to drive car of the brand till date. The Italian brand has concentrated on three main aspects of the drive, which makes it a happy driving experience. Firstly, the refinement of the engine and the engine sound that augments the ride quality. Secondly the perceived acceleration or the feeling of gaining speed and finally the go kart feeling i.e. the responsiveness of the car to minor changes and controls from the driver.


Ferrari 296 GTB is the first car to use a V6 engine in a production car of the company. The 296 GTB is powered by a 2.9 Litre, 6 cylinder engine, hence the name 296 GTB. The company had conventionally used a V8 or a V12 engine that are more polluting that the V6 model. The global shift towards green technologies has forced the company to change its path without compromising on the ride quality and the performance. However, the first full electric model of Ferrari will not be out in the market before 2025. Even at such a long design and production period, it will be well-ahead of the main competitor Lamborghini, which will not have an electric model until the second half of the 2020s.

The Design of Ferrari 296 GTB

The mid-aligned engine of Ferrari 296 GTB is similar to the previous models of SF90 Stradale and SF90 Spider. All three models have a mild hybrid engine that can power the car for a good 25 km purely on electric. The horizontally aligned headlights, sharp crease along the door, an integrated spoiler and fender on the rear makes the new 296 GTB a sleek design that feel Ferrari from the word go. The internal combustion engine is situated in between the seats and the rear of the car and it powers the rear wheels of the car. It can produce 663 bhp that is almost 221 bhp per litre of engine displacement, making it the highest for any production cars. The electric power train is situated on the front and it produces 167 bhp of power taking the effective power to an amazing 830 bhp. It is by far the best for the cars in this segment.

With the shorter wheelbase, the 296 GTB has lesser inertia that makes the vehicle quick to move and quick to stop.

The Interior

The interior of the new Ferrari 296 GTB will be plush and comfortable as of any other Ferraris. The digital instruments, the digital controls including drive mode changing control from the steering wheel, the elegant dashboard and the fully secure interiors make the new 296 GTB a car to envy. Although, it lacks the infotainment screen that has become the industry norm these days, you will not miss it during your racing speed drives.

Ferrari 296 GTB also comes in another premium variant called as the Assetto Fiorano that uses a carbon-fibre body making it lighter, faster and easier to handle. Using carbon-fibre instead of the forged wheels alone makes the car lighter by 8kg. The premium Assetto Fiorano variant comes in the dark grey and yellow colour combination that makes it look much more elegant.


While the 296 GTB is not an electric car per se, the hybrid route which the Italian supercar manufacturer is moving is definitely a step in the right direction.

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