Ford Endeavour Sport – Everest Sport Unveiled !

Ford, one of the biggest automobile companies in the country has recently announced the launch of a new model ‘Everest Sport’ which will be positioned anything between the top-end Titanium variant and mid-level Trend.

The Ford Endeavour sport called the Everest sport will be seen going on a sale in several Asian markets as well as in Australia by the end of 2019.


Ford Endeavour Sport (Everest Sport) price:

The price of the upcoming model of Ford will be anything between the range of $60,000 and $70,000.

In the Indian market, the model will be priced in the range of 28 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs. This model of Fort is considered to be a premium one and hence is priced accordingly.

Ford Endeavour Sport (Everest Sport) design:

The upcoming model of Ford will be launched with the premium design and features. The added features will be:


1. A signature batch with back grilles will be seen coming up with the bonnet and with a lower bumper, black.

2. The headlamps will be bi-LED which will be seen providing 17% better penetration of lighting and 20% of better high-beam penetration mode.

3. The upcoming model will come up with door pulls, blue in colours and trim door accents.

4. A dash pad which comes in a very soft touch.

5. The seats come up with a leather-accented material.


6. The windscreens of the model will come with a mounted USB port as standard ones.

Ford has always been an ardent believer about the safety for the customers. Safety always comes at the top and all the models of the Ford are made in such a manner which provides enough safety provisions.

The Everest Sports model will be equipped with 7 airbags, an aid of lane-keeping, breaks with an autonomous emergency which comes with directions for the pedestrian.

The car will also be seen with advanced read view mirror and sensors used for parking etc.


Ford Endeavour Sport (Everest Sport) Engine:

In the global market as well as in the Indian market, the model will be offered with 2 engines, 2.2L and 3.2L which comes with the option of a manual and automatic gearbox.

However, as of now, Ford does not have any plans to launch the Ford Endeavour Sport (Everest Sport) in the domestic market. In future after doing thorough research, Ford might launch the model in the country.

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