Hail Those Vehicle Repairers We Can Turn to After a Storm!

There are two meanings to hail, the one that relates to the frozen pellets that fall to the ground during a hailstorm and the other meaning relating to praise. They can be combined thanks to a technique that is available which will put vehicles back into the condition they were in before a hailstorm. An auto hail damage repair in Austin, for instance, is now a lot easier than it ever used to be.


In this article, we will examine the technique used by many repair companies to put a vehicle right after a hailstorm, and also look at just how much damage a hailstorm can cause to your vehicle.


PDR stands for Paint less Dent Repair. This is because no paint or filler is used in the process of repair. It is a quick and effective repair that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Process of Repair

Getting your vehicle repaired following a hailstorm is as easy as obtaining a free assessment from an approved repairer, filling out an insurance claim form which your repairer will, in many cases, help with and then you can leave them to rectify the damage caused to your pride and joy.

During the process of assessment and repair, rather like a plastic surgeon marks the areas of the human body for improvement, a vehicle repairer will first circle all the dents on your car caused by the hailstorm. They will then submit their assessment to the insurance company. This will be detailed enough to explain all the damage that will need to be repaired to have the car looking like it did before the hailstorm. The next stage will be down to your insurance company, who will want to inspect your vehicle and approve your chosen garage’s estimate. Then, in approximately 3 days, your car can be dent-free again and ready for collection. Except that you do not necessarily need to collect it as many repairers will also offer a free drop-off service as they do a collection one. It is this easy to arrange a repair and this can all be initiated online.


Amount of Damage a Hailstorm Can Cause

We only have to look at some of the pictures from the news to see just how much vehicle damage can be caused by a hailstorm. We, of course, will hope that it never happens to us. However, with the frequency of hailstorms in many areas such as Austin, the odds can be stacked towards the hailstorm creating your vehicle damage.

The largest hailstone ever recorded measured 8 inches in diameter. It fell in Vivian, South Dakota in July of 2010. The hailstone weighed 1.94 pounds. The heaviest hailstone in the world was credited to Bangladesh. It was 2.25 pounds and fell in April of 1986. Although these are extremes, you can imagine what damage could be caused to a vehicle and how large a dent could be created by such an impact. Several hailstones falling, ever smaller ones, can cause significant damage to the body panels of a vehicle.

So, we need to praise those who came up with the PDR technique of repairing vehicles following a hailstorm. The method produces a quality repair and with minimal disruption to the motorist needing their vehicle back. Where it is not possible to put our vehicle inside a garage, and so it must brave the elements, we at least know that a repair is easy to obtain. Insurers will compensate for the damage and many repairers will even pay your deductible.


It is peace of mind to know that all of this can be taken care of between the repairer and your insurance company. Then you can enjoy motoring and go about your business between A and B knowing that there will be help there should a hailstorm affect you and your vehicle. If it already has, check the link at the top of this article. If you want someone you can call in the future, make a note of the details for future reference.

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