How to Buy a (Second Hand) Used Car!!

buy a used car

Are you thinking of buying a used car? Buying a used car or as it is famously called in India, a second hand car is quite different from taking on a brand new one. You are going to trust a vehicle that was handled and conditioned before you. Hence, there might be stuff you need to carefully look into while buying a used car. Here’s a list of things you need to think about before and while checking out an old car, before you make the final deal.


The price of the vehicle is the first thing that comes into your mind when you look for it. Have a clear-cut budget for the purchase and stick to it. Sellers tend to sway you into increasing your budget. However, there are too many options available for you in the market. You can screen them all and find the best dealers who suit your budget specifications. Ask people about the best cars available for your budget and then go ahead to the showrooms to see the models. If the place doesn’t fit into your budget, move on to the next one. You have a lot more options.


Choosing the right car.

With your budget in mind, you need to choose the right vehicle. You need to be sure of what you are looking for in the vehicle. This includes features, specifications, performance and so on. Try buying newer models within the first three years of their release. If you have an old model or make in mind, you can always ask the dealer for the vehicle and get alerts about their arrival. This is for collectors who buy cars for their collections.

Overall condition and pre purchase inspection

After you’ve chosen a car, you will need to inspect its condition. Its looks, controls and systems like braking, lighting, transmission, suspension, engine, cooling, steering and more need to be in good condition. If you want to double check on the vehicle’s features, you can always ask the dealer to do a pre-purchase inspection, right in front of you. This way you can make sure all the systems are working perfectly even before you get the vehicle. Also, these checks will save you a lot of expenses in future maintenance works.

Frame and body inspection

Thoroughly check the car for any dents and defects on the surface and under the car. Chipped paints, rust, dust and dirt sediments are usually removed before presenting the car to the buyer. But your keen eye can save you an extra buck from cleaning the vehicle again.

Interior inspection

Check the upholstery for any wear and tear. The dashboard controls, air-conditioning, stereo, monitor and other functions need to be in order before you buy the car. Don’t hesitate to point out the problems. If need be, you can ask for replacement systems for low prices. You can also customise the interior before you buy the car. Have the covers and entertainment systems upgraded to your comfort.

Test Drive

Take the car for a drive, for at least 20 minutes. Drive the car at different speeds and through twists and turns. This will help you identify the actual working condition of the car. Also, you can find the minor issues in performance, if any.


Test driving is the right time to check the mileage of the car. Recently sold models tend to have higher mileage than old models. Verify with your dealer while checking the mileage of the car.

Registration, insurance and other papers

Be sure to check the original papers of the car, the registration certificate, the insurance papers, receipts, service records etc. The RC will help you identify how many times the car was bought and sold. The insurance records will show you if the car had gone through serious damage and repair. You can also cross check the engine and chassis number of the car with the registration certificate. When buying the car make sure the vehicle is transferred to your name properly.

Ownership transfer

Check all the paperwork from RC transfer to Pollution control certificate, insurance. All these certificates need to be transferred to you name. Go through RTO forms 29 and 30 before signing them. These forms legalize the transfer of car ownership to your name. make sure no legal document is overturned in the process.



If you are planning on modifying the vehicle, you need to do so before the registration is done in your name. This will save you a lot of time and money in the future. Usually, engine and paint modifications are scrutinized severely. Make sure your papers reflect the changes you did.

Getting a used car is not as big a fuss as you might think. In fact, it is much easier than getting a new car. You have a lot of choices ahead of you. If you need the advice of an expert, feel free to contact us. We can help you work out the best deal.

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