Make in India Electric Bike – Ultraviolette Automotive F77 Electric Motorcycles

Ultramotive automotive the Bangalore based electric two-wheeler startup has announced that they are going to announce their first electric bike.

On November 13, 2019, the ultraviolette F77 is scheduled to launch. This is going to be the first high-performance electric motorcycle in India.


According to the company, this e-bike is developed on the grounds of the principles of the aviation industry and is a high-end technology product.

The bike is expected to be priced at two lakhs( the ex-showroom price) this cost puts the bike into the hot entry-level performance motorcycle segment which has bikes like TVS Apache RR 310, KTM RC 390, Suzuki Gixxer 250


What is the founder of Ultraviolette has to say!

The founder and the CEO of Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt Narayan Subramaniam, said that he and his company are thrilled to announce the unveiling of this high-performance electric motorcycle F-77.

The company works with one single focus, and that is to deliver high-level performance products which give the users an Unparalleled experience across the usage. The F-77 is a testimony to their claims.


The bike is a creation of the very best form, function and the futuristic technology, and they are glad that their vision has created such a beauty.

How is the e-bike developed?

The bike has been developed by using advanced engineering solutions, which has a multi-level safety system so that the design of the motorcycle is perfect in every manner.

The bike will come with ride telematics, over-the-air (OTA) upgrades, regenerative braking, remote diagnostics, multiple ride modes, bike track, and ride analytics.


A Trellis frame is used for underpinning the F77 according to previous details. The power of the bike comes from a 25 kW electric motor.

Previously the company claimed that the performance of the bike would be that it will be capable of sprinting 0-60Kmph in about 3 seconds.

It is same as the TVS Apache RR 310 or the KTM RC 390. No details regarding the battery capacity have been released till now.


Does this company have a backup?

TVS has backed up the Ultraviolette Automotive. TVS has a 14.78 per cent stake in this startup. At the present space, electric vehicles are an interesting option.

As the government has pushed towards EV development is has certainly made the electric start-up to expand their business.

The company is going to be benefitting from this as they are catering to the same niche and the segment.

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