Morris Garages Unveils MG 4 or MG Mulan for the European Markets!!

The Anglo-Chinese car manufacturer MG has unveiled the family hatchback MG 4 for the European markets. MG Mulan is an already famous car in the Chinese automobile market. The new MG 4 or the MG Mulan is a spacious, powerful all electric vehicle that will have a bit of everything for everyone. With a raging performance that can take the car from 0-100 in as little as 4 seconds, and with a 4.3 metre long cabin, the car has got everything.


Dimensions & Form factor of MG 4 / MG Mulan

MG 4 as it is called in the European market, will be 4300 mm long that gives ample of leg room and comfort for the passengers. It is also not shy on the storage capacity. So, whether you are looking to take bulky passengers or heavy luggage, the MG 4 is equipped to handle the challenge.

The new MG 4 is based on the new Nebula electric platform of the MG. This all electric platform allows for more efficient use of space by minimising the space occupied by the battery. Also, the superior weight distribution of the platform ensures that the battery is not going to be a burden on the car but helps in better and easy transportation.

The company uses the high-density battery for the model that reduces the thickness of the battery and hence the space lost to the battery. As of now, we are not privy to the information about the motors being used in the model but we can expect the motors to be of top notch quality. The claimed performance of 0-100 in just 4 seconds by the car indicates only that.

MG 4 or the MG Mulan also follows the strict norms of the EU when it comes to general safety and electrical safety of the car. So, we can expect not to see any spontaneous combustion or catching of fire in the models. Most electrical fires are caused by improper heat sink that leads to building up of temperature in the battery. However, the company has fortified the battery zero thermal runaway to prevent such scenarios. Interestingly, the battery is fitted beneath the floor in the car.

Exterior, Interiors & Features of MG Mulan

MG Mulan is based on the Nebula electric platform and has a fairly long wheelbase which accentuates the luxury inside the cabin. On the outside, the design is sharp yet stylish. The large LED lights on the front, arched bonnet, and the contrasting black grille, all makes the front stunning. On the rear, the elongated spoilers, the sharp creased tail lights, heavy cladding on the rear all gives an almost SUVish look for the hatchback.

The full length sunroof, downward curved profile on the rear of the vehicle all makes it a good streamline structure that enhances the aerodynamic efficiency of the car. MG Mulan will be available as a rear wheel drive in Europe. It is to be noted that as of now, MG ZS EV, the EV from the brand in India is provided as a front wheel drive model.

The car is designed for level 3 autonomous driving that has a smart cockpit with the latest 5G connectivity. MG ZS EV has already started to come with the latest ADAS to support the driver. MG Mulan goes one step further and with level 3 autonomous driving, the model will compete with brands like Tesla.


The Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, the parent company behind the MG moniker is owned by the Chinese state. SAIC has been leading from the front in the automobile industry. This Chinese company is giving Tesla a go for its money.

Competition, Variants & On Road Price of MG Mulan EV in India

As of now, only one thing is clear; MG Mulan is not targeted at the budget buyers. With the most advanced ADAS, safety features, an astonishing performance of 0-100 is 4s, enviable luxury, and perhaps even autonomous driving, the MG Mulan will be priced only slightly lower or on par with other luxury electric vehicles such as Lexus RX, Volvo XC 40 Recharge, Kia EV, etc.

The hatchback has many competitors in the European market including Renault Megane E-Tech, Volkswagen ID.3, Peugeot e-308, Citroen e-C4 and other models like Volkswagen Golf.

The company will offer MG 4 or MG Mulan in at least a couple of variants including a powerful model that shares the 73kWh battery that has been recently added to the MG ZS EV that is already available in India. Similarly, the company also knows the importance of pricing things at an affordable price point that widens the market for the car.

In the European market, the MG 4 or Mulan might also get a 51 kWh battery pack with a reduced range for the ease of usage. Similarly, the charging requirements and charging time of the batteries will vary depending on the model, battery capacity and charging voltage.

In the European market the MG Mulan will be priced lower than the MG 5 ZS models. So, you can expect the selling price of only around GBP 26,000 that is slightly lower when compared with existing models. The price of MG Mulan in India could be around ₹28 Lakhs. On top of this, the miscellaneous charges alone can make it around ₹30-32 Lakhs when it comes on-road in India.


So, what do you think of the MG Mulan or MG 4? Will the model give another shot to the electric vehicle sales of MG cars in the country? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.

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