Tesla Models Receive Updates!

The Tesla models – Model S and Model X have got spectacular updates since after going for sales. The updates have brought in a whole new range of look in the interior. The Plaid performance powertrain has also been introduced.


Tesla Model X Plaid:

This will be sharing the same running gear as the Model S Plaid. However, it is bigger in size than Model S. It takes about 2.5 seconds to accelerate the speed from 0 to 96kph. This is the quickest acceleration to date offered by any SUV. The Ludicrous Mode that comes with the Plaid powertrain provides extraordinary acceleration capabilities to the car.

Tesla Model S Plaid and Model S Plaid+:

The Tesla Model S Plaid is all set to hit the roads in the upcoming months. The model comes equipped with a tri-motor electric powertrain. The engine is capable of accelerating from 0 to 96kph in just 1.99 seconds. Elon Musk claims that this is the first-ever production car which can complete the sprint much in 2 seconds or less. The top speed of the model is 322kph, given that the tyres should be of the right kind.

Tesla Model X and Model S receive new overhauled cabin as well as advanced battery tech:


New battery technology is a part of the updates. This technology will lead to an enhanced range as well as improved efficiency. We still do not have details regarding precise technical skills. However, we do know that thermal architecture will be offering fast charging.

The interiors of both models have been overhauled completely. A 17-inch-wide screen unit will replace the 8-inch infotainment touchscreen. One can tilt the screen from left to right in order to offer easy access to the driver or passengers.

There will be a different 8-inch infotainment touchscreen system at the back of the centre console system.

The most-attention worthy alteration is the new steering wheel design. This “stalkless steering yoke” does away with the traditional indicator stalks and drive mode. All these controls have been relocated to the huge central touchscreen.

There will also be some software updates in the infotainment system.


Tesla in India

Tesla will enter the Indian market in 2021. Earlier this month, Tesla has finally established a registered office in India. Hopefully, Tesla will enter the Indian market with the likes of the Model S sedan and Model X and Model Y SUVs.

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