Toyota Hilux 2020 Scores Five Star Rating in NCAP crash test!!

Toyota Fortuner facelift

The crash testing score of both the latest models of Toyota has been very much impressive. The models are Hilux and Fortuner facelift has arrived with some new driver protection modes that include an enhanced head security protection and of which the vehicles have praised with a 5-star protection rating. Moreover, on the subject of the child occupant protection, the unique Toyota Helix scored 43.38 points out of 49 points.


The Indian market is likely to showcase the Toyota 2020 very soon; it is still under the updating and testing procedure. The beast will be coming nearly around the time of the festive season. The Fortuner would be putting in front 4×4 version and a transmission alternative of a six-speed manual and a mechanical torque converter. No such physical testing has been made over the new Fortuner facelift, and it has stated that the Fortuner facelift and Hilux both contain similar inhabitant security features according to the technological verifications revealed by the Toyota enterprise itself. Thus, the physical test was only made on the Hilux model.

The Helix model by Toyota is pretty comparable to a pick-up truck which is being traded in Thailand and many more automobile markets around the world. The ASEAN NCAP tested the Hilux on a physical basis, and they have approved that both the model are identical to each other. The Hilux is comprised of a three airbag facility, and it scored 83.42 points in the body test. From the crash video that was shown by the NCAP gives us a great notion about the pick-up truck’s appraisal and what impact it can make over its buyers.


According to the competition segment, it is somehow predicted that the Japanese models would be going to have an immense contest to their notable rivals like Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mercedez and BMW.

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