Trends and Innovations to Look Out For in the Automotive Industry!!

The automotive industry has been continually growing over the last few decades, with new inventions and innovations coming out each year. Innovation trends are always changing to meet the dynamic needs of the market. Needs like fuel conservation, climate friendliness, and easier navigation have kept car makers busy for days on end. These trends have played a great role in ensuring efficiency and safety when using automobiles. For some years, I have been involved in dealing with automobiles. I love driving and I have tried selling vehicles at some point. Some of the trends to stay abreast of in the industry right now include:


Autonomous Vehicles

Today, autonomous vehicles are transforming transportation in that human drivers are not needed in such vehicles. This technology helps in making public transport safe. Safety is a result of the high-end technology used in the manufacturing of autonomous vehicles. The vehicles have an AI-enhanced computer vision that can identify obstacles on the route, therefore minimizing accidents. Once this technology becomes mainstream, issues like driver fatigue or negligence will become a thing of the past. I have had approaches from several transport companies seeking to know more about autonomous vehicles and I can say that it is a trend that will receive a warm welcome in the market.


Electric vehicles are becoming commonplace in select areas across the world. Automotive industries have found the need to modernize transport by making electric vehicles, as a measure to counter the depleting fossil fuel reserves. Slowly, people are accepting the trend, especially when they realise that electric vehicle charging can be done at home or at many fuelling stations with ease. The number of people buying such cars has been increasing slowly but steadily. I have had a chance to test drive an electric vehicle and the experience was promising. On a single charge, I covered a distance of 400km. The vehicles are powerful and many of them require little maintenance compared to fuel vehicles because of the fewer moving parts found in the engine. It is an area still largely in the testing stage but the signs are encouraging.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technologies are applied in many sectors. The automotive industry relies on artificial intelligence in a big way. AI is used to enhance machine learning and computer vision. Artificial intelligence in this sector helps in fleet management, controlling self-driving vehicles, and increasing safety. It also helps to increase the efficiency of manufacturing by reducing costs and accelerating the rate of production. I have come across many top transport companies relying on software in fleet management. This technology lowers the risk of security breaches.

Automobile Air Conditioning

When selling cars, I have encountered many clients keen to know the vehicle features in detail. Air conditioning is a feature many clients inquire about in modern vehicles. In the modern-day, no client wants a car without air-cooling features. This innovation was introduced in the 20th century but has become common in vehicles in the 21st century. There has been an increase in the demand for such cars. Air conditioning features do increase fuel consumption, yet buyers are still willing to pay for the extra comfort.


Telematics comprises telecommunications, computer science, electrical engineering, and vehicular technologies. Today, automobiles have many features such as sensors, internet, multimedia, and wireless communication. This technology sends, receives, and stores information in modern cars. I love vehicles with this technology because, with GPS navigation, I can explore new destinations without getting lost. Also, hands-free cell phones integrated with the vehicle, automatic driving assistance systems, and wireless safety communications make rides better.



Welding is an essential part of the automotive industry. It is used in the designing of the body of a vehicle. The exterior plays a big role in the final look of the automobile. Body shapes of cars have undergone numerous developments over the years. Today, vehicles are made in appealing shapes to satisfy the user. Currently, very few clients come looking for vehicles with vintage looks. The modern automobiles I deal with have modern aesthetic looks that almost everyone is seeking.

Automated Parking Systems

Parking is a challenge to many drivers. I, being among this group of drivers, have found some relief thanks to developments in automated parking technology. Vehicles integrated with this technology help us nervous drivers to find and navigate parking spaces with greater ease.

Augmented Reality Dashboard Displays

AR dashboard technology is a thing the automotive industry is increasingly incorporating in vehicles. In some of the car yards I have been to, I have seen dashboards with video-game aesthetics. The dashboard provides the driver with information about the car that helps to increase safety while on the road.

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