2020 BMW R18 Cruiser Spotted on Test

Historically regarded as conservative, BMW has been stirring a new pot for quite a long time. Remember, how the early ’70s R 90’s sport tourer bike which dumped a bucket of hot disco and saved the image of Motorrad, which was on the verge of potential demise.


In the last decade, BMW has broken into the superbikes market. The BMW R18 is the new upcoming cruiser by BMW Motorrad’s. It has been caught on the camera while they were testing it on the roads.

The Motociclismo published the first initial pictures (also known as spy pictures) while it was sailing on the streets of the border between France and Italy for a test drive.


The 1,800 cc cruiser will be unveiled in its complete form next month at the EICMS 2019 motorcycle show (Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori) is also known as the Milan motorcycle show.

These spy pictures are the first to show how the new BMW R 18 looks like. Another thing that has been made out is that this bike will come in two variants.


The two variants of the BMW R18

Out of the two options, one is the bare – bone cruiser motorcycle, which has a similar design of the concept that has been seen earlier.

The second model out of the two looks like the touring model, and it is kitted out with accessories.

Both the bikes have a very similar design theme if we talk about the overall looks. Both the variants have a crusader design theme, have a pulled back handlebar, they have a round headlamp, both the bikes are full, and lastly, they have a low-slung profile.


Out of the two, the touring version seems to have two secondary auxiliary lights along with the round headlamp, as well as a windscreen and saddlebags. Both variants seem to have different designs and finishes. 

An 1800 cc engine powers it

The all–new BMW R18, which is going to be in production next year (2020), is powered by a 1,800 cc boxer-twin, which is the most significant engine used by the BMW Motorrad ever, that too on a production model.


It looks like BMW Motorrad is making severe attempts to grab a slice of the cruiser motorcycle segment with this kind of engine and perfect design. BMW is sighting for the US market in particular.

It is speculated that the R18 is likely going to take over the big baggers from the Indian motorcycle and the Harley-Davidson. 


More details about the bike will be revealed in November when the motorcycle will finally be revealed at the EICMA show in Milan. 

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