Fourth model of Kia, after Sonet, probably to come early 2021!

All the car aficionados and enthusiasts, here is a piece of ginormous news for you all! According to a new report from the Business Line, Kia will launch its fourth model in the country by early 2021. Estimated time of the launch is January- April 2021. But there is still no clarity as to which product will it be. We can only make assumptions and predictions based on earlier trends. During the initial years, Kia excogitated to sold and launch only Recreational Vehicles (RVs) in India. Hence, we can prognosticate that the company’s strategy would be to launch only CUVs/SUVs and MPVs in the beginning. Thus, we can speculate that the fourth model will either be a CUV/ SUV model or an MPV. Based on the earlier models like the Seltos, it is also vaticinated that the new model would come with 7 seat configuration and an economical price tag.


Kia will even instigate another locally manufactured MPV in 2021 in India but probably in the second half of the year. It is estimated that the model will not be hot to trot to be launched by early 2021 because the testing of the product has not begun yet.

Kia Motors India also unveiled its plot recently which says that the company would invest around 54 million $ in its Anantpur based manufacturing facility. The carmaker, Kia will even escalate and proliferate its investment and traverse new opportunities in the future. In addition to this, the company will also augment its Indian product portfolio with a new model every six months. It might even set in motion the new generation Sorento SUV that has recently made its world debut.


Therefore, as per the recent data, Kia will launch two major models next year. So, the dealers would also need some breathing period between these two major launches. Thus, it is conjectured that the fourth model may probably be locally assembled. But, nothing is intelligible as of now!

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