Hyundai 45 Electric Vehicle Design | Hyundai Futuristic EV Cars

The Korean carmaker, Hyundai after a long wait has wrapped up the 45 electric vehicle concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The EV concept plays a crucial homage to the heritage of the company and restructures the Hyundai’s future automotive design which entirely focuses on the electrification, autonomous technologies and intelligent design.


Hyundai’s 45 Electric Vehicle Design:

The 45 electric vehicle concept marks as the company’s first-ever production car which was shown S the Hyundai Pony Coupe concept back in 1974.

According to the carmakers, the design of the Hyundai 45 has been inspired by 1920’s aircraft. The name reflects the 45-degree angle at the front and rear.

The concept of the electric vehicle has a futuristic design concept, the credit for which goes to distinctive lattice radiator grille which features the following:

1. kinetic cube lamp

2. The LED Lighting

3. Glass roof pillar

4. A high waistline

5. panoramic glass roof with retro’s

6. Sunblinds, slatted

7. The bottom of the door with special garnish highlights

8. Premium LED Lights

The interior of the car has been majorly inspired by the furniture design with the fusion of elements such as wood, fabric and leather.


The car has in its store a front which is in the lounge chair-style and rear seats. The front seats of the car are rotatable which allows facing the other occupants.

An interesting component of the car is that the passenger sitting on the front seat can easily interact with the infotainment system which is controlled by the projection beam interface.

The 45 EV Concept has in store all the angular lines of its original model but with a modern interpretation.

The car comes with a massive wheelbase which gives a crossover-like stance. The face of the car just gives a narrow slit with massive LED headlamps and a huge chin.

Hyundai to seek the Pony Concept:

Hyundai has still not spoken about the option of the powertrain. However, there are speculations that the powertrain will be multiple motors mounted on the different individual axles with a very high level of technology for autonomous driving.


Overall, the car is a stunner with a very unique design language. The car comes up with very modern cabins which makes the car look extremely luxurious. The car is even referred to as a living room for the passengers travelling in it.

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