Hyundai Grand i10 Review

Hyundai Grand I10

With the Hyundai Grand i10 in focus, we look all starry-eyed at the new the Grand i10 in the city and on the roadway. And, still somewhat loud with a touch of rattle crawling into the lodge, the power conveyance had us inspired with the driving.


Beyond any doubt, it will not push you in the seat when the turbo kicks in. The smooth speeding up and a lot of torque drop down in the rev implied it is a breeze to drive in the city.

Out on the interstate, triple-digit velocities can be accomplished and kept up rapidly.

Controlling the lights and easy to use in everyday driving conditions. The grip is light, and gearshifts are smooth, making the vehicle simpler to use in the city traffic.

It will take some time before the traffic gets to you in heavily congested rush hour gridlock with the smooth low-end in torque, light grip and directing turbo.


Indeed, the suspension takes up potholes truly well, exchanging next to no crash into the lodge when at high speeds. At low speeds, the ride is entirely a charm.

Vivacious driving in the Grand i10 features the delicate quality of the setup while yet holding the lines well. However, for a city hatchback, it rides well.

The Interior Motive
Space is satisfactory for four grown-ups, and the seats are agreeable even subsequent to investing hours behind the controlling wheel.
The infotainment system is the greatest expansion to the facelift.

While Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard on the 5-inch screen, we had a few irregularities with Android Auto network where the system would create some nonsense.


The entertainment system is great all alone. While the sound quality is usual, the nature of the presentation is excellent, and the turn-around camera is very usable even in obscurity. Directing mounted controls are convenient. However, one of the greatest feelings it raised even with the absence of DTE or efficiency check in the tooling reassortments.

Nature of the materials utilized is tremendous and looks thoughtful which is worked to last. Insides are a blend of beige and dark, which is anything but awkward to keep up.

The storage room is accessible in bounty, with openings for 1-liter jugs on every one of the entryways alongside glass holders in the inside. And, there is space for keys, wallets, and other knickknacks. Boot space is better to go with and usable at 256 liters.

The main issues, we looked with the vehicle was the entryways not closing set up and requiring a more grounded second push to bolt appropriately. And, it may help a treat for the long height person.


Summing up, the Grand i10 is a keen city vehicle, which figures out how to do some thruway. It looks great and is stacked with highlights, and has excellent quality materials over everything.

This is having a genuinely agreeable motor and ride quality makes it ideal for our pothole-ridden streets. No big surprise the Grand i10 is our go-to vehicle for impulsive shoots and occasions.

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