Tata Tiago Goes Electric – Comes in Petrol, CNG & EV Model!!

Tata motors is planning to launch a huge fleet of electric vehicles, to commemorate World EV day. Up to 10 new Electric Vehicles are confirmed for launch, says the company, across all its different segments. These cars will offer a lot of choices with respect to their styles, performance, and affordability levels.

Of the variety of EVs to come, the electrified Tiago will be the first to hit the roads. However, the company is yet to announce its launch date. What makes this car special is the fact that it will be the smallest electric car to be produced by Tata Motors. Here is what we can expect from this model, based on Tata’s performance in the Indian market.


A Brief History of Tata Cars, Tata Tiago & Tigor

Tiago is the spiritual successor to the car that changed the landscape for Tata, the Indica. It was Indica which propelled the dream of building a world class automobile brand by the company. Similar to the Indica which had Tata Indigo, Tiago also has a compact sedan cousin, the Tata Tigor. Interestingly, Tiago is the go to compact hatchback from the company. Now it comes in Petrol, CNG and electric variant. Other than Tata Nexon compact SUV, which also comes with a diesel engine, Tigor & now Tiago also comes in all three engine options.

Powertrain & Dimensions of Tata Tiago EV

The dimensions of the electric variant of Tiago doesn’t change from the internal combustion engines. It still stands 1535mm high with a length of 3765mm and 1677mm wide. As for, the actual motor and battery set-up of the Tiago EV is yet to be revealed by the company. But we can expect either the 26kWh, or a 30.2kWh battery pack, which are used in the Tigor EV and Nexon EV respectively. This battery pack offers a maximum range of 300-330km on a single charge. Since, the Tiago EV is a compact vehicle we can expect the 26kWh battery as the optimal choice. On a full charge, the Tiago could give a range of around 330km.

What could set the new EV apart is the Ziptron high-voltage architecture that consists of a permanent magnet synchronous electric motor. This set-up is developed by Tata themselves. When paired with the 26kWh battery, this motor can produce an output of 75PS/170Nm, a fairly good enough power to cruise through the Indian cities.

The battery can be charged from 0-80 percent in 8.5 hours using a standard wall charger and using a fast charger it can be done in 60 minutes. The EV can go from 0-100kmph in less than 11 seconds, and reach a top speed of 135kmph. The power would last for most intra-city drives. For office & local commute, it could easily come for a week and if you take the highway trips, you need to watch out for the charging stations. Although the infrastructure is in its infancy now, we can expect it to boom in the next couple of years.


Tata Tiago EV Features

The car looks identical to its ICE cousin, except for the blue accents over the grille, alloys and the interior. The Tiago EV is expected to be packed with standard features such as auto AC and a 7-inch Harman touchscreen with four speakers and tweeters. For safety, the car will come with dual front airbags, cornering brake control, and Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD). The full set of interior and exterior features will be available after Tata unveils the car officially.

Check Out the Tata Tiago EV Price in India

The electric vehicle segment of the automobile market is getting larger by the day and the Indian automobile giant is looking to get a large chunk of this growing pie. Considering the fact that the car is electric, Tata could price the EV between ₹ 10 to 11.5 lakhs. The internal combustion engine Tiago is currently priced between ₹ 5.40 – 7.82 lakhs. Tata Tiago EV launch date would be in late 2022 or in early 2023. Looking at the track record for the past few years, Tata would mostly likely launch the EV for Diwali 2022. The Tata Tiago on road price would be from ₹11.5 Lakhs to ₹14 Lakhs.

More features are expected for this compact EV in the coming days. With about 88% share in the EV market in the country, Tata is planning to offer a variety of products in the coming years. What do you think? Will the growing middle class adopt the new EV in the town?

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