The Value of Spanish Online Practice Tests to Help You Learn to Drive!!

Spanish driving test

When it comes to learning to drive in Spain, we will want to have many approaches at our disposal. From a practical point of view, we will enlist the help of a professional driving instructor and have friends and family take us out on driving lessons. The practical side is only one part of a driving test, though, and the theory is just as important to know so that you can pass the whole test and are then able to drive solo.

To prepare for the 2021 Oregon Driving Test, or examen de manejo de oregon 2021, we should know what tools we can access online to provide us with the necessary preparation to not only pass our driving test but to become a good and safe driver in the future.



Online tests with questions about driving will allow you to focus on just what you need to know to pass the theory side of the test without the distraction of worrying about the real-life road situation around you. Your driving instructor can ask you these questions, but in the situation of having to worry about your driving, you may not always give the best response.

Become Familiar with Exams

It is not everyone who is good with exams and so you might then benefit from some much-needed practice of such situations. We can then feel more comfortable and at ease with them. This should improve our mark and ensure that we pass. It is possible to relax more when you know that you have achieved a good mark with an online driving test. Also, it tells you that you are ready for the real test.

Similarity to Real Test

Online tests are how the practical test will be when you come to take that part. It is good to become accustomed to using a computer and answering questions that way. You will then feel more comfortable when it comes to the actual test.

We can ask each other questions as a family but they are only what we think might be asked for real. Whereas a professionally written computer test, prepared by experts, is a better example of how it will be. This makes them an invaluable resource when it comes to learning the right thing. Some questions may never be asked, and we can learn their answers over time. Right now, we are looking to pass our driving test.

Memory Check

It is a good test of memory to check that you are remembering the facts before going ahead with a driving test that has cost you money. There is no better way than to run through a series of online questions that will be based on what you can expect in the real exam and then try to answer them. This will show you how much more you need to revise in respect of the final exam.

Pass Quicker

Practicing online can mean that we pass our driving test sooner than not having that benefit. It can be important to pass our driving test as soon as possible when we need the car for work or other forms of commuting.

There is much value in having online practice at your driving theory test and becoming familiar with the rules of the road that way before your practical test.

Expats in Spain will have the option of taking their driving theory exam, the DGT test, in English if they wish.


It should be noted that after six months of residency in Spain have passed, a foreign driving licence will no longer be valid in Spain. If it is then not possible to exchange your licence for a Spanish one, then a full Spanish driving test will need to be taken.

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