Toyota extends battery warranty – Hybrid & electric vehicles

With the current slump and tension going on in the automobile industry, every carmaker is putting its best foot forward to revive sales. Automobile giants are tapping into every ray of hope and possibilities.

Steep discounts, cheaper loans, tempting incentives etc. brands are leaving no stone unturned as they look forward to this festive season in solving their dilemma. With piled up inventories and huge production costs, carmakers are having a hard time.


Flipping on the other side of the table, it is a time for customers to rejoice. Discounts worth lakhs of rupees and additional services, it is truly a festive season and the best time for consumers planning to buy a car.

While majority brands play around discounts, Toyota has taken the road less travelled.

Toyota recently announced that it has extended battery warranty on all new hybrid and electric vehicles. From the current hybrid battery warranty of 8 years or 100,000 miles whichever is earlier, it has extended the warranty to 10 years or 150,000 miles whichever is earlier.

This warranty extends not only to first owners but also to subsequent owners within the warranty period, which shall help in keeping the resale value high.


This is a undoubtedly a masterstroke as Toyota being the undisputed leader in hybrid vehicles with seven models in its lineup has not only paved the way for new customers of hybrid vehicles but also penetrated deeper in the used car segment.

It has scraped out the biggest hindrance of its used car buyers by this move, of battery replacement costs with the updated warranty being within the general lifespan of modern hybrid batteries.


Being an obvious choice when it comes to efficient, high performing and low maintenance cars, Toyota is surely adding to its basket with this extended warranty. Though it doesn’t extend to battery modules, inverters etc.

A hybrid car is made using a combination of petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor.

In today’s world when pollution levels are at an all-time high and climate change is a grave concern globally, hybrid cars should definitely be promoted as it consumes less fuel and emits less Carbon dioxide. Even when it comes to driving performance, there is very little compromise in hybrid cars. The success of electric vehicles will also depend on how fast charging facilities come up.


With this move, we are hoping to see more carmakers push the usage of hybrid vehicles as much as their conventional ones.

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