Kia Seltos v/s MG Hector – Competitive Indian Market!

A brand that strives to become great achieves the greatness when it steps out of its comfort zone and swirls through gracefully out of turbulent times.

This is what comes to my mind first thinking about the dazzling entry of second largest carmaker of South Korea Kia Seltos and the exemplary MG Hector that carries the opulent British legacy, in the Indian automarket in these tough times when the veterans are stumbling.


Both of these have outperformed the expectations and are selling in huge numbers with its customers being given a waiting time of months in terms of MG Hector.

They are willing to pay a premium to get their hands on the steering wheel first. Seltos has booked the highest sales numbers.

Considering that they are competing with the likes of Hyundai, Tata, ford and Jeep, this speaks volumes about the fascination and the willingness of the Indian consumer to try new cars and want one that is packed with features.


With this car segment attracting a lot of attention from several auto giants, it is also one of the most loved as compact SUV’s is currently the most preferred.

Both of the models also have a bold stance which is psychologically etched in the consumer’s mind as a sporty look that automatically enhances the driving experience.

Hector provides you better legroom compared to a Seltos. While Hector also wins in terms of providing a better torque of 250 Nm@1600-3600 rpm, if you’re looking to drive more in the city, Seltos is the best bet.


Both of them have pretty much put similar mulled similarly when it comes to interiors. With stunning interiors and a state of the art infotainment system, Seltos dashboard and overall interiors seem to be laid out in a more organized manner with premium fabric upholstery.

While hector has a fuel tank capacity of 60, Seltos offers a better mileage of 16.50 kmpl.

Seltos also comes with a heater. Seltos has a 1.5 Ltr petrol engine & 1.4 ltr Turbo petrol Engine and Hector has 1.5 ltr Turbo petrol engine.


Both the cars also offer one diesel engine option. That of Seltos is smaller than Hector’s 2 ltr engine. The LED head lamps and tail lamps in Seltos add an oomph factor to this flawless design.

Our winner Seltos starts at Rs 9.69 lakhs going upto Rs. 15.99 lakhs. MG Hector starts from Rs. 12.18 lakhs and goes upto Rs. 16.88 lakhs.

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